Rules mufmech
April 15-17, 2021
Rochester, IN

Mufmech Rules and Regulations:

This note is to provide you with information regarding the MUFMECH retreat. Included are MUFMECH traditional rules as well as several items extracted from the Geneva Center Policy Statement. We are fortunate to have this central location for our meeting, and our compliance with their regulations will permit us to continue to use this facility.

Fees: Fees depend on the lodging type you choose: see below for details). A single check per school made out to “MUFMECH” is required for the student lodging from each steering committee representative. Faculty will need to pay on-site once their fee is calculated. Checks or cash — the preferred forms (no provision for credit cards) — should be brought to the meeting and paid on Thursday night. Cabin and room assignments will be made when you arrive on Thursday. Note, the fee is what we must provide the Geneva Center for your attendance. We receive no reduction in our cost for partial stays. The registration fee covers your two nights lodging and Friday breakfast through Saturday lunch plus various snacks.

Be sure to bring $1.00 bills for redemption of Frogs. Your $1 “Frog contributions” provide MUFMECH with the funds for Thursday night and for the party on Friday evening.

Accomodations: There are two kinds (listed fees were the 2019 rates):

  • Lodge: $230. These rooms will be assigned on a first come - first serve basis. In addition, two-rooms with single shower, or dual-occupancy with a single shower (22-N) are available.
    Bedding and wash cloths/towels are provided.
  • Cabin: $200
    Bedding and wash cloths/towels are not provided. (A sleeping bag is recommended. The cabins are heated.) Flashlights are useful, because the paths between the cabins and lodge are not lighted.

Payment Options: There are three methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks made out to "Geneva Center"
  • Digital money using Venmo to the Retreat Chair

Sports: Volleyball, soccer, and basketball are provided. Since these are outdoor activities, we will also hope for good weather. If you have a favorite ping-pong paddle, bring it along as competition is plentiful.

Geneva Center Regulations: If necessary, groups will be assessed for any damages to Geneva Center's property, furnishings, and equipment.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. Smoking is only permitted outside in the vicinity of the main building, on the cabin orches, and the porch of Redwood Lodge.

Meals are served in the Dining Room at 8:00 AM, 12:30 PM, and 5:30 PM. Shirt and shoes are to be worn in the Dining Room at all times.

No food is to be brought in by individuals using our facilities. A variety of snacks will be arranged through the kitchen and “picnic” supplies will be provided for the Friday night bash.

Mufmech Rules:

Each speaker will be allowed exactly 15 minutes to communicate uninterrupted. A five-minute discussion period will follow. We encourage further discussion at another time during the retreat. MUFMECH Frogs are awarded in the MUFMECH tradition for the following infractions:

  • Participants mention the names of funding agencies, such as: Illinois Bureau of Pedestrian Fluid Mechanics or Autobody Body Repair.
  • Participants refer to the other participants using a title, such as: Professor, Doctor, Student, Your Excellency, The Grand Wombat, Oh, Exalted Science Wizard, etc.
  • Speaker exceeds the 15 minutes allocated for speaking (1 Frog for each minute).
  • Speaker or questioner exceeds the five minutes allocated for discussion.
  • Participants interrupt the speaker.
  • Participants arrive late for a session.
  • Any other infraction deemed worthy by the KOTGOF (Keeper of Time and Giver of Frogs). For example, not providing your name and affilation, when asking the speaker a question.

Session Chairpeople are responsible for starting the sessions on time and maintaining the schedule. The KOTGOF for each session is responsible for awarding Frogs according to the rules stated. Participants awarded Frogs must redeem them by contributing $1.00 per Frog to the refreshment fund.